Angus MacVicar
Publisher: Lume Books
Pages: 234

‘Contains pace, cleverness and suspense’ – The Scotsman Scotland, the 1930’s.Peter Hamilton is a journalist deciding where to go on holiday when he finds an innocent looking green button lying in the street.While drinking coffee in a local establishment he is approached by a beautiful woman, advising him he is late for the ‘meeting’.Unwilling to correct her, for fear of her leaving, Hamilton goes along with the ruse.Little does he know he’s about to be thrown into the middle of a deadly conspiracy.The Green Company, a gathering of ten extremely wealthy and influential members of society, are plotting to bring the nation to war for their own selfish gain, leaving the country vulnerable to the Great War that is brewing across Europe.The Secret Service agents working on this case convince Hamilton to work undercover as an informant.Can Hamilton infiltrate the group successfully and achieve ...
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