Steven J Smith
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 62

1 Week Body Cleanse - Body DetoxificationAt first glance, detoxification seems to be intimidating for it hinders you from eating pork and drinking alcohol. But do not worry that you will never get to enjoy the good things in life -- this detox program is just for 7 days. To be guided on the right kinds of food to eat, I have provided a shopping list that will help you prepare your pantry. Being hydrated is good for your body but being able to choose the right kind of foods that will work with water is even better. There is more than one way to get a healthy colon and supple skin and maintain an active lifestyle -- the 7-day Body Cleanse is just part of an entire regimen. Enjoy the benefits of a thorough body cleanse such that will not leave you hungry, nauseous, and irritable. The 7-Day Body Cleanse is ideal for people who need a kick start in their preferred diet. It is the best way to ...
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