Amanda Siegrist
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 325

She escaped, but what will happen when she can't remember?Stumbling into a stranger's cabin, lost in the woods, isn't what scares her the most. The fact she doesn't even remember her own name, let alone why she feels compelled to keep running from...she honestly can't remember. That's what frightens her. Her memories are gone, but her instincts are strong. And her gut says she can trust the man who found her--Sheriff Logan Caldwell. Not only does he have the softest hands and the gentlest touch, he also makes her feel safe. Very safe. Until her memories come back, she's not leaving his side. For anything. Because no recollection or not, she knows if he finds her, she'll die.The entire Lucky Town Novel series:♡ Escaping Memories: Logan & Aubrey♡ Dangerous Memories: Danny & Kat...coming Summer 2018
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