Will Harris
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 54

* * * LIMITED TIME OFFER 2.99$ INSTEAD OF 4.99$ * * * Anger Management: Bite Your TongueThe Ultimate Anger Management Guide for Men and Women to Control Your Life AgainWe all get angry sometimes even though we may not know it immediately.When you are faced with criticism, opposition or some form of threat, you are likely to become angry if you do not know how to handle these three without getting emotionally involved. Anger, if not put under control, can cause us to use our judgment irrationally and in the process lead us to doing things or speaking words that should not ever be done or said. According to psychologists and other scholars, anger is a normal emotion, but can be destructive if left to its own devices, both at inter and intra personal levels. This book aims to help you understand what anger is and how you can manage it, especially when it creates negative destructive energy ...
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