Betsy Duffey
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 72

Quietly, a force of power is unleashed, changing the course of the world - the prayers of faithful women and men for children. We will never be able to count the good choices made and bad choices avoided, the lives grown in faith as a result of these prayers. You too can unleash that power by praying Psalm 23 for your children. This book of devotions and prayers you will learn something important about yourself, your children, and God. Our relationship to God is like a sheep to a shepherd. In the Bible there are over 700 references to sheep. God often refers to us as his sheep. People and sheep are alike. We are stubborn and anxious. We are crowd pleasers. We are fearful. We are helpless on our own. But God is our shepherd, ready to provide everything we need. It's all there in Psalm 23. How can you join in and pray for your children? Everything we want for them is promised in the ...
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