Jennifer W. Smith
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 249

Harmony Parker is called home from college after another mysterious family drowning. She worries she’ll suffer the same fate. Her life is threatened when a hidden discovery found in a New England town sends her into an altered realm. She uncovers a secret that not only connects her to this world but could explain the drownings. Underwater treasure hunter Kodiak Night is solicited by a unique beauty. He’ll help Harmony get home but what she asks puts their lives in danger. He’s willing to risk it—for a price. Journeying into unknown territory, threats arise from sirens to sea serpents but none escalate higher than his conflicting feelings for a human. How can he let his greatest treasure go? Harmony will face deep-rooted fears, heartache, and an awakened ability she must learn to control—all while the water god watches with keen interest.
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