Michael Hawkin
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Pages: 62

Reduce stress and live life to the fullest by inviting mindfulness into your thoughts, emotions, and environment.Though the term gets thrown around a lot, “mindfulness” is generally not well understood. Whatever it is, everybody wants more of it, especially considering the incredible benefits mindfulness can bring. After all, who wouldn’t want to…Become physically healthier and boost your immune systemImprove concentration, focus, and cognitionTransform negative emotions into positive onesControl impulsivity in yourself and your surroundingsBoost compassion, empathy, and altruismPretty great, right? If you agree that your life could do with these improvements and more, then look no further than Michael Hawkin’s comprehensive guide to mindfulness, Mindfulness for Beginners Blueprint: 40 Steps to Become More Present in the Moment through Meditation – Anxiety – Exercise – ...
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