Sherrie Dykes
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 80

Katie Appleton knows what a hapless, homely young woman she is. She also knows she will never find anyone to marry her. Her fate was sealed and she would live with her spinster aunt for the rest of her life. Until her Aunt Millie approaches her with a train ticket to Texas, to meet the man she's going to marry. Even her aunt hadn't wanted her around and had answered an ad for Katie to become a mail-order bride. As Katie is on her way to marry her future husband she receives word that he has unexpectedly died. Leaving Katie stranded in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains, without anyone to turn to.Widower Jake Paxton has his hands full raising his daughter and keeping his business going. He believes he has everything he could possibly want. While riding home through the mountains, Jake stumbles across a lost and rather unusual looking woman, whose only companion is an ornery mule. ...
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