Craig Robertson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 503

Who is Jon Ryan? He's fighter pilot and astronaut with the future of humankind in his hands. The planet Jupiter, thrown off orbit, will destroy Earth in less than a century. Jon becomes the first volunteer for the most ambitious, desperate mission ever conceived, Project Ark. Flying solo, Jon will search the galaxy hoping to find a suitable location for human resettlement. To be able to do this, he must first have his consciousness transferred into an experimental android host. Yeah, our fate and his depend on a new machine built under lowest bid government contract. What could go wrong? Jon's only companion on his epic voyage of discovery is his pissy ship's AI, Al. The two quickly come to sound like a couple married about a decade too long. Inevitably, alien civilizations are encountered. Jon has to learn to practice the dark art of diplomacy to try to convince or cajole radically ...
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