Eirik Leivsson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 76

Discover Remarkable Stories of Past Life Memory!Reincarnation: Just another religious myth, or an actual, real phenomenon?While such esoteric concepts are near impossible to prove under controlled conditions, there does actually exist compelling evidence which suggests that we do live more than once. “Exceptional Cases of Past Life Memories” gathers bits of information from a plethora of different sources, including: scientific papers and journals, old documentaries and news articles, as well as numerous radio and TV interviews — and distills it all into a number of coherent, easy-to-read stories of past life memory.During the course of this book, we will explore 13 cases where people remembered moments from another time, another life, another them. Whatever your beliefs may or may not be, one thing is certain: At the end of it all, the idea of many lives will appear more real ...
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