William Sumrall
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 434

In the summer of 1868, as Native American peoples face up to the inexorable push of new settlers crossing their lands, the medicine man, White Bull, creates a piece of magic which delivers a potential savior in the shape of a demonic war bonnet.Now in possession of the war bonnet, the gifted, charismatic Cheyenne warrior, known as Roman Nose, starts to wreak havoc against his enemies as he first destroys a whole regiment of buffalo soldiers in a single encounter. Desperate to recover the situation, General Sheridan sends the trusted Major ‘Sandy’ Forsyth and fifty gunfighters on a mission to deal with the consummate warrior. Their remit is simple. Kill or arrest him, or don’t bother coming back. But in the background to all of this, the scheming General Custer plans his own capture of the magical war bonnet, determined to see a boost to his political ambitions. Violent and ...
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