Christian Olsen
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 50

Forgive yourself and others with these thoughts and tips. Forgiveness can be hard. Forgiving others takes strength. Holding a grudge will never lead to happiness. Our selfish nature can be overcome. We can let go of the wrongs others have inflicted upon us. If you believe in these and similar messages, or if you want to strengthen your belief in them, then this book is for you. If you are struggling with forgiveness or are looking to become someone with a more forgiving attitude, then this book is for you. Find out more about our thought process when things go wrong, about inspirational stories from others, and additional tips on how to forgive more easily.Keywords: forgive and forget, letting go, forgive me, forgiven, how to forgive yourself, forgiveness, how to forgive others, forgiving, forgive, forgiving nature, forgiving attitude, forgiveness from sin, sinning, sin, being forgiven ...
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