Henry Freeman
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Pages: 42

★ Alexander the Great ★What does it mean to be great? There have been many that have come through the sands of time proclaiming their own greatness. We see it in the news every day; leaders, heroes, tyrants, and even reality star presidential candidates claim that they are great. But what about Alexander the Great?Inside you will read about...✓ Alexander and the Happiness of Horses✓ Aristotle and the First Day of School✓ Philip’s Family Drama✓ Enemies and Friends✓ The Real Battle Begins✓ Changing Tides✓ Signs and Wonders✓ In Pursuit of Darius✓ Historical AutopsyThe young man from Macedonia that took the world by storm creating one of the world’s first major empires? He singlehandedly changed the course of history within a decade. Read along with us to figure out just what made Alexander so great.
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