Sam Skyborne
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 353

Set in a dystopian future when, after a decade of war, the United Kingdom is on its knees, ruled by strict martial law and where any 'deviant' behaviour including homosexuality or lesbianism is punishable in a manner worse than death--the perpetrators are forcibly 'reset'. Samantha Fielding, an emotionally scarred war hero, struggles to adapt to 'normal' life so she enlists in a top secret scientific research programme. Here, not only is she pushed way beyond her physical and emotional limits in order to unleash powerful and potentially lethal dormant human abilities, she also finds herself dangerously falling for the principal scientist, Dr Victoria Henderson - risking everything.Why write 'Simulation: The Dawn of a Superhero'?Well, since I was an adolescent I always liked science fiction & fantasy stories, particularly if it involved a strong female main character, a kick-ass female ...
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