Stephen Allan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 327

War has destroyed their empire. A demonic dragon haunts their nights. And their greatest threat to survival may be each other.Crystil is one of the empire's best soldiers and struggling with the loss of her husband during war.Cyrus and Celeste are siblings from a royal family and coping with the death of their father.Together, they are the sole survivors of humanity. The three barely manage to escape their home but made it to a mysterious new world much like their own—full of beautiful wildlife, endless vegetation and a gorgeous, massive mountain.But when the sun sets, a monstrous dragon comes and hunts all life at night. With the dragon, their own competing desires and beliefs, and other revelations they cannot even begin to imagine, their fight for survival is on precarious ground every waking-and resting-moment.Will Crystil, Cyrus, and Celeste establish a new civilization on their ...
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