Gary Kittle
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 114

Set in the very near future, Britain has suffered a massive biological terrorist attack. The result is a disease that rivals the Plague in its mercilessness. The symptoms are easy to spot. They cover every inch of skin: disfiguring, blighting and rotting with shocking rapacity. But this is a disease custom-made to cause the greatest amount of suffering and misery for the British people. Victims seldom die quickly, and the contagion, christened ‘Foedus’ by the media, only affects women. Forced to hide their ravaged faces, the women of Britain adopt the burqa, are forced to stay at home for ‘reasons of hygiene’ and can only visit public places with a male escort. The radical Jihadists are not just triumphing in the War on Terror, they’re having fun doing it.So when Devina, an immigrant, falls into the hands of a gang of ambitious petty criminals, it is clear that her apparent ...
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