The Other Side of Tracks of Publishing
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Also Includes Free Special Gift!! And Bonus StoriesDarren was between a rock and a hard place with both of these men. Literally. He felt a connection with them, but in truth, Darren was terrified of the consequences. For Darren, the idea of actually being in a relationship with them was scary, and in truth, he didn’t understand his sexuality.He thought his best choice would be to go out with a girl, which he did, but it was to dissatisfying results. Darren thought it would work out for him, but as Darren continued to speak with her, he started to realize that the person he wanted to be with wasn’t her, but rather it was Glenn and Jacob. He couldn’t get his thoughts off of them, despite the fact that he hurt them and didn’t know if he was comfortable with admitting the truth to himself. For Darren, he had a lot to mull over, and he had to make a choice: either listen to his ...
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