Taz Gallaher
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 347

World War Z meets Grapes of Wrath! The old world is dying, but a new world is born! The first volume of Taz Gallaher's long-awaited zombie epic follows three characters as they struggle to survive the zombie apocalypse: Chewy, a hard-bitten ex-con, battling to stay on the straight side of the street in Fresno, California; Mona, an upwardly mobile lawyer, marooned in her Bronx apartment building; and, Brady, a Midwestern computer hacker who undertakes a cross-country trip to safety. As the old world crumbles around them, each must defend family and friends, find safety, discover who they really are, and start to fashion a new world from within the ruins of the old.Chronicling the zombie apocalypse from coast-to-coast, Republic of the Living: Exodus braids its character-driven narratives with vivid snapshots of the apocalypse and its aftermath: a bastion in the middle of the ...
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