H Chambers
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 214

Devious Intentions is the first book in the Secrets and Guardians trilogy. A sweeping, fast paced, fantasy adventure packed with clever twists and turns. Epic story telling that fills the crossover between young adult and traditional fantasy fiction (Book 1 of 3).‘Some consider me a wise woman, others a witch. Kerdred does not terrify me. I am his nightmare. He made the mistake of harming my family and forcing my great granddaughter into marriage. But, if you think I have vengeance issues, then you should meet Shade’.How do you defeat a man with no moral compass? When those of myth and legend have their own separate agenda, good intentions are not enough. The Kingdom of Daranel is under threat. Kerdred and his brothers, Hawke and Tremlin have already taken Korin. Aberrling, the advisor to King Hylaw, knows Daranel is next. Aberrling has plans, back up plans, contingency plans and if all ...
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