Chris Brooks
Publisher: Azahar Publications
Pages: 295

Happy Stories, Funny Stories, Sad StoriesBut always True Stories aboutLife with Rescue Dogs.“Tears & Laughter” “Heartwarming & Captivating."Chris Brooks grew up with animals; as a little girl, her best friend and guardian was a dog.Growing up, nothing changed and over more than twenty years, she adopted or rescued a pot pourri of dogs, from a three legged terrier to an abandoned grey hound to a Spanish Podenco. In short she is a ‘dog lady’.This is the story of her journey through life with some of the mutts and mongrels who shared it; from the alluring to the alarming, the tranquil to the timid, the serene to the certifiable. Meet Chris' dogs from over the years; Fudge the geriatric Labrador, Bracken the ten stone Rottweiler found abandoned and dangerous; but most of all, meet the Gang of Four, Seamus, Shannon, Minnie and Duncan the Canine Tripod.All Rescue Dogs, but all ...
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