Marion Myles
Publisher: M. Myles Publishing
Pages: 497

Corporate attorney Nicholas Sterling is used to being in control. But his clingy, crazy girlfriend will not back off. And now, he's dealing with a troubled and ill-tempered horse. Turning to the town's highly-praised professional equestrian is his only hope.Elle Roberts knows her way around a stable. Preferring horses to actual people, she devotes her time and energy to the ranch. After all, love and romance are overrated and too much work. But when she encounters the slick attorney, something ignites within her. It's more magical than physical, and she's determined to uncover the pain that Nicholas and his horse both harbor. But the more she delves, the more painful it becomes, forcing Elle to reveal her ultimate secret. As tragedy engulfs them, setting Nicholas into a tailspin of agony from the past, can Elle find a way to show Nicholas that there's no denying what the heart wants?
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