Bastiaan Blikman
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 91

52 Easy Steps To Living a Good, Happy & Long LifeImagine waking up to a life that you love, feeling less stressed & having a healthy, loving & stable relationship with your partner. Do you want to feel like a confident, attractive & successful person?If so then this book is perfect for you!“How To Be Happy & Successful: In 52 Simple Steps” will teach you simple daily habits that you can incorporate in your daily life. These habits will help you to experience more happiness & peace of mind. You will also have healthier, more loving and stable relationships, feel less stressed and you’ll simply be able to relax and just enjoy the moment.A lot of other books out there they don’t tell you exactly what to do. Be Happy & Successful gives you actionable and easy to follow steps to become happier and more successful in life. For every week of the year this book provides you with one step. ...
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