JN Chaney
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 145

Experience the story of Genesis like never before... Adam Kadman is the captain of a seed ship known as the Eden. Carrying ten thousand cryogenically frozen colonists, he and his crew must seek out new worlds for potential habitation. With the help of Lilith, a shipboard cyberbrain, Adam and his team will stop at nothing to secure humanity's future. But time is running out. The Eden is breaking down, and accidents are beginning to occur at an alarming rate. At first, Adam believes these to be mere coincidences, but when a massive explosion kills several dozen people, he puts Seth, the lead Security officer and Adam's own son, in charge of an investigation to uncover the truth, but with so little evidence to go on, how can they hope to succeed? The clock is ticking... Other Books By JN Chaney: The Amber ProjectThe Variant Saga Book 1 Transient EchoesThe Variant Saga Book 2Hope ...
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