Jacie Middlemann
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 94

Summit Falls is a small town in the middle of nowhere that could be anywhere. It’s small enough that even though you might not know everyone…you know who everyone is. And they know you.Years ago four young men left their hometown of Summit Falls. Each of them ready to take on whatever the world had to throw at them. Now, years later, two of them, Jonah Sutherland and Adam Dane, have returned to Summit Falls to make it their home.Parker Colthorpe has arrived unexpectedly in Summit Falls to attend one of Jonah Sutherland’s week long symposiums. Or at least that’s what he’s telling everyone…including one of his former employees, Adam Dane.Finding Home is the fourth in the Return to Summit Falls series that also includes Going Home, Home Again, and Coming Home. It is the story of four men who learned from childhood that not all family ties are those we are born to. ...
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