Jeffrey Conolly
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 61

“Sharknado” meets “Sin City” in this high-octane adventure that explodes off the page in an alternate future where Motor City has become a mutant-filled urban nightmare. Prepare for a book with a body count!Praise for Detroit 2020:“DETROIT 2020 is a pitch-perfect sendup of a "boobs and 'splosions" style actioner.”“If you enjoy graphic novels, zombies, one-liners and uncomplicated plots, then this is probably exactly what you need”“Moves at a very brisk pace and the action is relentless”Dr. Julia Blaze recruits mercenary Dagger Estevez to escort her across the ruins of Free Detroit. He kills mutants on sight, but as long as she takes her pills, he'll never know she's changing. Will Julia find a cure for her mutation before time runs out, or will she be captured by the maniacal cyborg mayor RoboKwame and his murderous thugs?
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