Laura Giebfried
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 211

The Mare-folk have gotten out of hand in East Oneris – and though they're being killed by the hundreds, it's not quickly enough. Though a group known as the Spöken works to eradicate them, the Mare-folk look and act like everyone else, and distinguishing them from ordinary people proves harder than anyone could have imagined.When the Spöken task their new ambassador, Matthew Caine, with getting rid of the Mare-folk using any means necessary, he agrees to do so in exchange for his young son's freedom. But the further that Caine goes to aid the Spöken and destroy the Mare-folk, the more he begins to wonder: how can he abolish a group of people who are outwardly no different than anyone else? And more importantly: are we all different, or are we all the same? From Laura Giebfried, author of the psychological thrillers None Shall Sleep and Song to the Moon, comes this riveting tale of ...
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