R. Rowe
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 225

When Native American Mythology meets Celtic Druidism in a culture built around Gnostic Christianity, strange things come to life! Journey with Jamari as he discovers his world, his community and his culture.From The San Francisco Book Review:In the year 2115, in the post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest, The Tribe remains society’s best hope of survival—promoting harmony, and the sharing of resources, through a strict code of values.He’s spent his life as a sheltered youngling of The Tribe. But now, young Jamari is ready to take the next step. Through a series of ritual trainings and challenges, he is prepared to undergo the process that will transform him from a boy into a man.He has no way of knowing what the journey in front of him will hold—but Jamari is willing to do just about anything it takes to serve his branch of the tribe as a fully grown adult.As he undergoes this rigorous ...
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