Myke Edwards
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 134

A strange mushroom has more than just a drug-like effect. It demands the obedience of the natives that share its planet. Take a trip with us to this world and 8 others in this collection of 9 short stories of science fiction and fantasy. Featured in this issue:VALLEY OF IRICIA by Myke EdwardsTHE SAND DANCER by Andrew KnightonTHE LAST CURMUDGEON by James JensenARRDUM’S PROMISE by Shane PorteousESSENCES by Jim LeeCLOSE CALL by Shawn P. MadisonESCAPEMENT, OR THE CONTEMPORARY COPPELIUS by Judith FieldTHE HUNTRESS by Mandi JourdanRHAPSODY by Joseph CusumanoAnd don't forget to check out the other 9Tales collections featuring today's brightest new talents.
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