Andy Maslen
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 346

Who’s murdering RAF test pilots mid-flight?Flying a fighter jet while tripping is inadvisable. Flying it blind is suicidal. So when an RAF pilot suddenly loses his sight and crashes his Typhoon, answers are needed. Fast. British pilots are using an experimental performance-enhancing drug. SAS veteran Gabriel Wolfe discovers that someone is fatally sabotaging the top-secret testing programme.If the test succeeds, the UK will have a huge advantage over the Russians. An unholy alliance of Chechen separatists and Russian gangsters want it to fail.Two British women are snatched by the separatists. And the Farnborough Airshow is fast approaching. Gabriel has to rescue the kidnap victims and prevent another pilot’s death.The mission calls for street-fighting skills, military strategy and a stint undercover as a doorman for Jonny Rocketz. It's a sleazy bar in Talinn’s red light district ...
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