Diane Queenston
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 39

Sara is the sheltered younger daughter of a cattle baron; one often overlooked and treated as a spinster by her family, not to mention bullied and derided by her more glamorous older sister. Yet the 21-year-old is a smart and strong gal interested in writing paperback novels; daring adventures that she hopes someday to publish, making a name for herself in the literary world. One night at a cotillion she meets and dances with a gorgeous, mysterious man who seems like something out of her books; and, for that matter, something out of her dreams. Ending the evening on a kiss, Jake appears the next day at her parents’ upscale ranch in search of work—and in search of the bright, strong lady who has stolen his heart.Jake fits the model of one of Sara’s heroes; a passionate, handsome adventurer who tempts her to experience the thrill of real life romance. Warning! This ebook contains ...
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