Mark Rodseth
Publisher: Mark Rodseth
Pages: 142

Sleepwalking is a psychological thriller about Jack's journey through the fine line between drugs and mental illness. During his journey he discovers that his darkness is a very dangerous entity. This is a story about the edge of consciousness. The space between wakefulness and sleep; intoxication and sobriety; the angels and the demons; dark and light. This is my journey to this place. It is my horror. My twisted romance. My black comedy. My drug binge. This is my story that should never be told.5 Stars "Sleepwalking is an excellent "Bildungs Roman' (Novel of development). The protagonist takes us on a troubled journey through a London madness - both with and without drugs. Development creates a compelling pace, a need to read on to find out more about extraordinary characters and events. Very strong language is acceptable in the context. Mark is an exciting talent to watch - I really ...
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