K T Bowes
ASIN: B01E6DT494
Publisher: Hakarimata Press
Pages: 216

All Saints is the oldest soccer club in New Zealand.But what if the real game happened off the pitch?Ursula Saint is a promising soccer player but her heart isn't in it. A bad marriage has left her destitute and broken, and dealing with her late husband's crippling legacy of debt. Fifth generation New Zealander, Ursula is the product of the formidable Saint family; owners of All Saints Soccer Club and winners of last year’s cup final. But there’s a rottenness at the heart of the family and the club falls victim to their bigotry and lies. The Saint name is about to be dragged through the churned up winter mud. When Ursula meets Teina Fox and starts a relationship, she breaks rule number one of the Saint code.Teina Fox is a referee, the most hated person on the pitch. Even worse, he's a cop. A cop on the trail of corruption. Ursula faces the biggest dilemma of her life; stop seeing ...
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