Pam Barnhill
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 22

Stop making homeschooling more difficult than it has to be.As a homeschool mom there is a good chance that you are your own worst enemy. Unrealistic expectations, your public school past, and worry combine to sabotage the peace in your homeschool day.In order to take charge of your efforts and your results, you needs ideas that allow you to step outside your old paradigms. This ebook presents five simple ones that will do just that.Discover:• The single shift that will maximize learning in your homeschool.• The most important, and most overlooked, step to homeschooling successfully.• Two simple ideas that will create smooth-running days… for good.• Ideas for creating a schedule that works for you instead of you working for it.• How to take charge of those pesky mornings that often get you off track.In the end, you'll be able to create a homeschool for your family that brings ...
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