T.M. Engel
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 195

Idealism. It has become a dirty word in our society. For the longest time I prided myself for being a realist. Yet, studies have shown that when we predetermine what is and isn’t possible, we only predetermine our own limitations. If there is to ever be a world without poverty, we must first be able to conceptualize it. To realize that it is feasible. This is what this book is about. Now this is not fanciful imagination absent of any pragmatism. Quite the opposite. I offer a logical and rational defense of why and how this is possible. The one percent continues to get richer while poverty, unemployment, and hunger persist in this country. Why? Because we allow it to. Chartable acts are not enough. We still have starving children in this country. Volunteer work is not enough. We still have suffering veterans. Profit driven companies and corrupt politicians are destroying our environment ...
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