David Filby
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You know the old saying, “Never say never.” No one knows that better than historians, who track the momentous actions and events of the human race. Historians have the luxury of looking back into our past and reminding us of beliefs once known as facts, only to be dispelled when solid evidence turned those “facts” into foolish myths.At the present time, many of our subject matter experts in the scientific community are adamant when the subject of a giant, prehistoric shark comes up for discussion. Paleontologists, marine biologists and other highly educated people often will be the first people to proclaim that Carcharodon (or Carcharocles) Megalodon, better known simply as megalogon, has been extinct for millions of years. They may say that because a living megalodon has never been captured dead or alive. For many, the lack of physical evidence is enough information to ...
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