Abby Wilder
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 373

A perfect blend of romance, tragedy and mystery, this melancholy tale will haunt you long after you turn the final page.Lennon Donnelly feels alone and invisible, a wallflower next to her popular cousin and best friend, Sienna. But a chance meeting with a boy at the cemetery changes that. Someone finally sees her. Sienna warns her about Judah Mitchell, a tortured boy with secrets in his past. There are rumours that he killed his brother. But as Lennon is drawn deeper into the mysterious boy's life, the events of his past unravel, presenting choices she must make in order to save him, and, as it turns out, to save herself.This compelling novel tells of the intertwining relationships of Lennon, Ruben, Judah, and Cara. Told from the perspectives of before and after, this tragic romance unfolds like a puzzle, surprising you with twists that will leave you heartbroken.Praise for Forever ...
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