Hannah Tidy
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 230

Discover the Horrible Facts of These True Ghost Stories! Warning: All the stories in this book have been verified as TRUE! These are not hoaxes – they are backed up by FACTS. Maybe disturbing for some! Read This Expanded Edition for FREE with Kindle Unlimited - Download Now!When you download Hannah J. Tidy’s Ghost Stories: Compilation of horrifying REAL ghost stories- Truly disturbing Hauntings & Paranormal stories, your skin will crawl with the idea that these stories are real – and could happen to anyone.In this New Edition Ghost Stories, you’ll find a new horrifying chapter on a particular art piece that has been circulating eBay believed to be extremely haunted! buyer beware. and many many more newly added Ghost Stories.Here’s an excerpt from the book:Haunted Painting- Little did he know that what he created would become something of a legend. Looking at the painting ...
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