Sinéad Moriarty
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 468

‘I really and truly loved it … it was a flawless read I didn’t want to put down.’ The Book BagA sister always knows you better than you know yourself...Julie would do anything for her family. She loves her four boys and her devoted husband, but is struggling to keep sane and finds herself turning to an online mum’s group for some much needed advice.Louise is at the peak of her career, a successful lawyer in a male-dominated world. She’s always been there to offer support to her sisters. But when she falls pregnant and decides to raise the child on her own, for the first time ever, she needs a helping hand herself. Sophie has it all: the luxury lifestyle, the millionaire husband and a perfect daughter. She never expected that she might one day lose everything. But will she let the new cracks in her perfect life show, and tell her sisters that she’s in trouble? The three ...
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