Aiden Young
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 42

The new nation, the United States of America, doubled overnight in size with the purchase of a vast tract of land west of the Mississippi River. The sitting president, Thomas Jefferson, negotiated a deal for the land with French ruler Napoleon. Now that America had all this new unexplored territory, Jefferson knew it was time to explore this new land and firmly place America’s claim on this expansive wilderness. In 1803, Jefferson commissioned the Corps of Discovery and named U.S. Army Captain Meriwether Lewis as the leader. Lewis enlisted the help of his old friend and comrade, William Clark to help lead the group. After much preparation, the small group of men lead by Lewis and Clark, left St. Louis and traveled up the Missouri River into lands that had been virtually unexplored by Europeans. Along the way, the expedition encountered many hardships. Key to their survival was the ...
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