Angela K. West
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 61

The western territories might be huge, but there wasn’t enough room in them for matters of the heart.Annabelle Collins has a problem—a scandal in Chicago has left her friendless, the scourge of her city. Not knowing where else to turn, she purchases a ticket out west, determined to start a new life for herself. But when she’s stranded in Waterloo, a tiny town with few employment opportunities, she doesn’t know how she’ll survive.Reed Lewis has a problem, too—his inheritance will be lost if he doesn’t find a bride, and fast. Unfortunately, after being left at the altar and hunted by money-grabbing women, he’s reluctant to get close to anyone. When he meets Miss Annabelle Collins, he thinks he’s met the perfect woman—someone to help him get his inheritance, who won’t demand anything of his heart. Little does he suspect she doesn’t want his money—she just wants ...
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