Dale Haddock
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 93

Eerie & Gripping Ghost Stories “Lost Souls” is a collection of 5 ghost stories involving personal tragedies, paranormal mysteries and terrifying hauntings. Included Stories:Sunken Secrets: A young couple is out freediving in the warm waters of Florida when, suddenly, a terrifying apparition of a woman emerges from the depths. After barely avoiding being dragged to the bottom of the sea, the couple is entwined in a mystery involving a close relative and a tragic fate. Echoes of the Past: As 26-year-old Kate Gellen moves into a new neighborhood, preparing for her new job as a kindergarten teacher, a gruesome, hidden part of her family’s history comes back to haunt her. Through the Flames: Jill has an inexplicably vivid dream about a burning house and frantic people desperately calling her name. She eventually discovers that the mysterious vision is more grounded in reality than ...
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