Fox Emerson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 57

Q is a young man from Yorkshire who moves to London and finally gathers the courage to embark on his first gay, erotic experience with another man. The meeting itself is sensual and fulfils his every fantasy. His smell, his taste, the kissing, his lips; it is intense and better than anything he'd expected. When it is over, Q's world collapses. What happens next, isn't what Q had imagined. When he flees from the experience, he is overcome with shame, disgust and a realization that he may have made the biggest mistake of his life. Q is a very short story by author Fox Emerson that explores the very tough decisions a young person can make when confronted by desires and what happens when you act on them.Will Q survive the emotional rollercoaster and come out to his family and his friends? Or will he take the easy way out?This could turn out to be a life-changing decision. It might also turn ...
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