G. K. Chesterton
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Pages: 472

British author Gilbert Keith Chesterton wrote successfully in many genres but is perhaps best known for his mysteries, thanks to the perennial popularity of his immortal Father Brown stories. British Mystery Multipack Vol. 12 - The G. K. Chesterton Collection presents 24 Father Brown mysteries and Chesterton’s two best-selling mystery novels The Man Who Was Thursday and The Man Who Knew Too Much. British Mystery Multipack Vol. 12 The Blue CrossThe Secret GardenThe Queer FeetThe Flying StarsThe Invisible ManThe Honour of Israel GowThe Wrong ShapeThe Sins of Prince SaradineThe Hammer of GodThe Eye of ApolloThe Sign of the Broken SwordThe Three Tools of DeathThe Absence of Mr GlassThe Paradise of ThievesThe Duel of Dr HirschThe Man in the PassageThe Mistake of the MachineThe Head of CaesarThe Purple WigThe Perishing of the PendragonsThe God of the GongsThe Salad of Colonel CrayThe ...
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