V.E. Campudoni
Publisher: Beau to Beau Publishing
Pages: 262

WINNER: Best New Author and Best Dark Romance - International Latino Book AwardsIt all started with a contract signed by her, and then by him, the top Dom at an upscale club known as The Looking Glass. She was barely an adult when she met him, and she had no business being there, but she was mesmerized by the man in the mask, though ill prepared for his demands. There is no line he will not cross. But don’t ever make the mistake of crossing him. Ask the men who raped his sister. They know. Don’t raise a hand to the woman he loves. You will pay... with your body, your money, and your life. And if you think you can double cross him, think twice. He’s harsh with his enemies, and the Mafia is watching… and waiting... for a signal from him.He is King of The Looking Glass and Grand Master of the Master’s Society, and it seems everyone is trying to take him down.But make no mistake. ...
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4.5 stars from 31 ratings
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