M.R. Polish
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 99

Love doesn't care what time it is... or if you're a witch.Tillie never expected to go back to Nevada so soon, but when the magic called, she answered. Her friends needed her and she wasn't one to stiff anyone she cared about. Once she pulls into the Wild Saddle she realizes there is more going on than she ever thought possible. The past is choosing their future, but with the Curse looking over them, there isn't a lot Tillie can do until it is broken. Unless... No. Certain things just aren't possible... Are they?Ryder is fed up with the generational family feud between his family and the Mahoney's. He didn't want to fight anymore. The Wild Saddle hadn't been in his family for so long, it just felt wrong to want it back. But, telling that to the stubborn woman who came to the fight was another story. Who was she to get involved anyway? With his mind made up to try one last time to make ...
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