Brittany Nightshade
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 156

I compiled this Book of Shadows from a collection of spells I have been using since I started down my path. This book contains over 100 spells and a list of runes and how they can be used in spell casting and even crafting your own spells. I've collected these spells from several different sources, mostly from witches I have met in my travels and covens I have been a part of. The White magick spells in this book can mostly be used without much hesitation but make sure you have good reason to use any red or black magick spells as The Three-fold law does apply to everyone whether you believe it or not. I've tweaked a few of these spells to fit my needs from time to time and you can do the same as the words aren't what give the spells power, your energy is what really matters, so feel free to do the same and change what you want to suit your own needs. The craft of Magic is a constant ...
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