John Aubrey Anderson
Publisher: Cat Lake Press
Pages: 480

Abiding Darkness is Christian fiction… part suspense, part thriller, part romance. Set in Mississippi cotton country, the story anchors itself in the relationship between two children. It’s 1945… and the war in Europe has just ended. Missy Parker is the crown princess of the Parker family. At seven years of age she’s beautiful, wealthy, willful, and tough as a tractor tire. Junior Washington is an eleven-year-old black child. He lives in a small cabin across the lake from Missy; his parents work on the Parker Plantation. And in the midst of the most defined segregation in our nation’s recent history – Missy Parker and Junior Washington are best friends. When a disciple of Satan sets his heart on destroying the girl, the forces of good and evil meet in bloody combat… and these two children find themselves at the epicenter of a conflict that will forever be called The War At ...
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