Sarah Miller
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 75

Love, Pain and Sorrow for a Big Beautiful Amish Woman - can a baby heal her heart or is more heartbreak ahead? Read for FREE on Kindle UnlimitedEmma King hides the hurt well and smiles to all who see her, but it is hard being a big Amish woman. The children are mean and no one wants to court her. While all her friends are now married Emma is all alone.One day by the creek a group of boys have reduced her to tears. John Fisher walks into this scene and chases them away. He does not see her weight - he sees a beautiful woman but he has problems of his own. Caring for his sister’s baby is not easy for a single man new to the district. Maybe Emma can help?Emma starts to fall for John but a new problem arises. Does he only see her as a nanny?Can Emma accept this or will she hold out for love?Find out in this sweet, clean, and inspirational Amish romance by bestselling author Sarah Miller. ...
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