John Martin
ASIN: B01F34P7H8
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 172

Until a father can wipe his baby son's piddle off his chin, he can't call himself a man. At least, that's what I tell myself -- and anyone else who cares to buy this book of 51 funny stories that all parents will be able to relate to. Along the way I confess to being the trolley getaway driver at the teddy bears' picnic, reveal the true story of Jack and the Jellybean Stalk, and take a light-hearted look at some serious issues, including childbirth, nappies, circumcision, pets, religion, Santa Claus and learning on occasions to cope without mummy.CONTENTS OF THE BOOK:. The rubbish bin rite of passage. Jack’s world started the day the pizza died for me. Here I come, ready or not. Soothing the savage breast. Keeping a lid on the early years. Send in the clown. Recipe for disaster. Boogie days and nights with a boy and a cat . My chills are alive again with The Sound of Music. I hope God ...
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