Ian Woodhead
ASIN: B01F63N476
Publisher: Arconos
Pages: 23

WARNING!Poisoned is an extreme horror short story. Please do not purchase this book if you are easily shocked, disgusted, or offended.The young priest had heard rumours of a town where evil reigns. Where every inhabitant commit the most heinous of crimes. They called this town of sinners Brutality, and he made it his mission to seek out this place, to save these poor people and to put them back onto the path of Righteousness.He did not question the apparent ease of discovering this fabled town, nor did he question why the Lord had decided to reveal his divine voice and said they could not be saved but maybe the priest could send some of them up so the Lord could torture their souls?Only the really bad ones to start with. The Lord would even show this priest exactly who to murder.How could the priest deny the word of the Lord?
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